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Coffee & Tea

While coffee and espresso-based drinks are also specialties here, the teas are a highlight not to be overlooked. Tea enthusiasts will appreciate the carefully curated selection of teas that stand out on the menu.

Limited coffee service after 3p.m. Mon-Sat

Drip Coffee

Five & Dime specialty blend with a smooth body and balanced finish.

House Blend

A balanced and smooth body, with notes of caramel, nut and chocolate.

12 oz


16 oz


Espresso Drinks

Our espresso-based drinks are made by forcing hot, pressurized water through finely-ground coffee beans to form the base for our popular coffee drinks.


A double shot of espresso over water. Can be served iced or hot.

10 oz



A double shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and milk foam. Can be served iced or hot.

8 oz


12 oz



A double shot of espresso with equal parts milk. Can be served iced or hot.

5 oz



A double shot, with a consistent balance of nutty and sweet flavors and a light body. Can be served over ice.


Flat White

A double shot of espresso topped with an even mix of milk and velvety microfoam.

8 oz


12 oz



A double shot of espresso with a hefty amount of steamed milk added. Can also be served iced.

12 oz



In Italian, ‘macchiato’ means “stained” or “spotted." A dollop of foamed milk spotted with a double shot of espresso on top.

3 oz


Arctic Macchiato

A double shot of espresso, a teeny bit of vanilla syrup, and oat milk shaken then strained into fresh ice.

5 oz



Rich chocolate, is whisked together with a double shot of espresso, topped with hot milk. Can also be served iced.


Matcha Latte

Made with ceremonial grade matcha from Kizuna. It has an earthy, creamy and sweet umami flavor. Can also be served iced.


Cold Brew

Brewed with cold water. Our cold brew is smooth, velvety and perfectly balanced.


Black Tea

Black tea leaves are fully oxidized, which turns them dark brown or black in color. Black tea generally has the highest caffeine content and a bold, robust flavor.

Black & Gold

Richly caffeinated leaf and bud black tea yielding a deep auburn infusion with chocolatey notes characteristic of the most select Yunnan harvests. Hand-picked and artisan crafted at 6000 ft.


Earl Gray

Earl grey well caffeinated, floral, and smooth, our Earl Grey is delicately layered infusion of tippy high mountain black tea, first press bergamot, and rainforest- harvested vanilla bean, decorated with bright blue bachelors button. Sourced from small-production artisan farmers of China, Italy, Africa and Central Oregon.


English Breakfast

Smooth and Malty with a clean finish.


Green Tea

Green tea leaves are not oxidized, so they retain their green color. Green tea is high in antioxidants like EGCG that may provide benefits for heart health, weight loss, and brain function.

Jasmine Reserve Tea

Crisp and Floral. Steeps a lively cup every time.


Green Pomegranate Tea

Fresh, Sweet & Tart.


Jasmine Green

White tipped, downy, spring harvested green tea steamed with fresh jasmine flowers. Expertly crafted in Yunnan, China. Balanced, floral, smooth


Herbal Tea

Herbal teas have a wide range of flavors depending on the ingredients and have the lowest or no caffeine.

Cinnamon Hibiscus

A beautiful pink-hued infusion of tart hibiscus, calming tulsi, and whole leaf stevia lightly spiced with cinnamon bark


Pure Mint

Peppermint Leaves


House Iced Tea

Rishi Classic Black Iced Tea. Refreshing, classic, and crisp. Staff tip: Ask for a splash of fresh squeezed lemon juice.


House Blue Pineapple Iced Tea

Unique and delightful, Our Blue Pineapple Iced Tea is the perfect sip. With notes of lychee and citrus with organic lemongrass and sweet pineapple.


House PassionFruit Jasmine Iced Tea

Blend of Black and Green Teas, Jasmine Blossoms, and PassionFruit essence. Long-Lasting, Sweet Flavor and Astounding Aroma.


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