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"This is a cute speakeasy! Come, choose your table, scan the QR code, order at the bar! Sit and enjoy! Music is perfect volume where you hear it, but still can easily talk and hear others! Lovely place and beautiful atmosphere."
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"Have only been here in the morning but they serve good coffee in a beautiful environment at the base of the woolworth building. Plenty of seating, outlets and wifi as well."
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"There is an ambiance of the 1920s architecture with a modern twist added to it, and I always enjoy the atmosphere of this place. The staff is super friendly and attentive. The mocha latte is my guilty pleasure."
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"Saturday night was a blast! Thanks to Eevahn for the perfectly executed the DJ & Diva event. The music, vibes and the crowd were absolutely fantastic. Looking forward for more!"
"I fully enjoyed my visit here. Very cute space and vibe. The person behind the counter was nice and made my flat white promptly. The buffalo chicken pizza was fine, nothing to write home about, it did its job. I would definitely come back here for cocktails sometime."
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